We suggest calling to make a reservation or check availability first. We take our last reservation or walk-in 1 hour and 15 minutes before closing. 

About Slinging Axes

How it Works

We are aware that throwing Axes might be a little crazy, but we keep it safe. All you have to do is either walkin or call to make a reservation. If you make a reservation, you are guaranteed a spot at the time requested. If you walkin, there is a possibility you might have to wait a bit. Once you get here, we check you in and then we take you to your lane and go over some safety items and then show you how to throw an axe. You have several different games you can play on our target boards. Just keep score and see who is the best out of your group. You are allowed to bring in food or order and have it delivered. We do sell soft drinks and water. Just bring your special drinks and have a great time. BYOB....


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